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Outrage as shop worker forced to strip off and cover nipples with diamonds just to sell jewellery

mirror - 36 mins ago

The footage shows a woman looking embarrassed as she stands almost nude in the behind the counter and has been called 'odious, nauseating and abhorrent' A video has emer...

Could another person's feces help you lose weight?

CNN - Yesterday

A study links increased diversity of fecal bacteria with lower levels of fat Scientists are looking into whether fecal transplants could help weight loss

Nando's is now serving breakfasts and people are very excited about what's on the menu

mirror - 2 hours ago

It's everyone's favourite place to grab a 'cheeky' lunch or dinner, but Nando's hasn't yet blessed us with the thing everyone is craving - a breakfast menu. Or so we th...

Giant Inflatable Duck Apocalypse Has Begun In Scotland (VIDEO)

Bored Panda - 3 hours ago

First a giant inflatable duck appeared in Hong Kong. Then a monster inflatable minion rampaged through Dublin. Now another giant inflatable duck has just caused havoc in ...

Hillary Clinton's name misspelled on debate ticket

UPI - 1 hour ago

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y., Sept. 27 (UPI) --Hillary Clinton's name was misspelled on the ticket students received to the first presidential debate Monday night, attendees said. The...

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The science world is freaking out over this 25-year-old's answer to antibiotic resistance - Yesterday

A 25-year-old student has just come up with a way to fight drug-resistant superbugs without antibiotics. The new approach has so far only been tested in the lab and on mi...

Goldie Hawn reveals secret to 33-year relationship with Kurt Russell - Yesterday

The secret behind Goldie Hawn's 33-year relationship with Kurt Russell? Never marrying. "I would have been long divorced if I'd been married," Hawn told the hosts of t...

Marilyn Manson: all-American nightmare

Dazed - Yesterday

'I have an incinerator in my back yard' - the misfit among misfits talks New York club kids, first dates and why he can't help getting a bloodlust Taken from the 25th ann...

Happy Birthday! Mark Hamill Turns 65 Years Old Today - 2 days ago

Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill! The actor turns 65 today. Born in September 1951, Mark was raised in California by his parents Virginia and William. The actor was one of sev...

NASA Announces New Evidence For An Ocean On Europa

IFLScience - Yesterday

NASA has revealed exciting new evidence that there is a vast ocean under the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa - and it may be even more accessible than we thought. The ev...

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Presidential debate delivers trashy reality TV to American electorate

NY Daily News - 5 hours ago

Just when we thought that reality TV stars Sanjaya and Omarosa were gone for good, they turned up to debate Monday night. Oops. That was actually Donald Trump and Hilla...

Jeremy Kyle calls guest a "prostitute" after she claimed she was 'pimped out' by her sister

mirror - 1 hour ago

Jeremy Kyle got real with one of his guests after she claimed she had been pimped out by her own sister. The host didn't hold back after Donna told the host that she had...

Drake releases 'Please Forgive Me' short film inspired by 'Views'

NY Daily News - Yesterday

Drake has his own Lemonade now. "Please Forgive Me," a short film based on the Canadian rapper's fourth album "Views," is packed with action - exploding cars, gunfights...

Nervous Jeremy Kyle meets 50-year-old grandma who has second largest boobs in the UK and wants to be glamour model

mirror - 1 hour ago

Jeremy Kyle didn't know where to look when he met a woman with 32MM breasts. Sharon was on the show with her proud partner Carl who wanted to show off his stunning 50-ye...

'Is Honey G fake?': X Factor hopefuls Yes Lad thought the rapper was a prank laid on by producers

mirror - 2 hours ago

X Factor boy band Yes Lad thought fellow contestant Honey G was a prank laid on by producers. The group - made up of Luke Gregory, Cian Gleeson, Sonny Hardman, Joel Heale...

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Matt Ryan considered blocking but changed his mind when a 308-pound DT ran at him

SB Nation - 5 hours ago

Sometimes, a time comes in a football game when the most useful thing a quarterback can do is throw a block. Sometimes, they do a great job, like Washington's QB did the ...

Dose: Coleman Steals the Show

Yahoo Sports - 3 hours ago

Monday represented an interesting role reversal for the two backs. During the first two weeks, Freeman functioned as the Falcons' early-down bruiser with Coleman handling...

Chelsea Transfer News: Antonio Conte to Receive Defensive Funds, Latest Rumours

Bleacher Report - 36 mins ago

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will reportedly hand manager Antonio Conte more funds to reinforce his back line in January. That's according to the Daily Mail's Sami Mok...

Not even Les Miles could beat time forever

SB Nation - Yesterday

1. Les Miles was fired from his job as LSU football coach this weekend. Getting fired four games into a season would only seem premature if time ever mattered to Miles, b...

Neymar Can Grow Again in Lionel Messi's Absence as He Hauls Barcelona Forward

Bleacher Report - 35 mins ago

Manu Fernandez/Associated Press The negative fuss kicked up around Neymar for his outlandish skills is farcical. Farcical at best. "He's disrespecting opponents," cry h...

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Are nervous habits derailing your job interview?

BBC - 11 hours ago

When it comes to job interviews, you'd be right to presume your stellar CV, personal presentation and, more importantly, how well you answer questions could land you the ...

Brexit May Spark 'Substantial' London House-Price Drop, UBS Says

Bloomberg - 1 hour ago

London's housing market faces severe price declines if the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union triggers an extended period of economic weakness, according to UBS Grou...

WTO issues gloomy global trade forecast

BBC - 2 hours ago

The World Trade Organization has cut its forecast for global trade growth this year by more than a third. The new figure of 1.7%, down from its April estimate of 2.8%, wo...

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Go To Conferences - 5 hours ago

I've gone to a handful of conferences. Some I had little expectations for, yet was quite impressed. Others where I went outside of my subject matter of expertise and lear...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement phones are overheating, reports say

Telegraph - Yesterday

Samsung's replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones have been overheating and suffering from battery problems, according to reports, fueling concerns that the fixed "exploding" ph...

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The backstory behind Trump's repeated false assertion he was against Iraq War before it started

Business Insider - 9 hours ago

Editor's Note: Donald Trump brought up his record on supporting the Iraq War during Monday night's initial presidential debate. Here's a story from early September outlin...

Reaction around the world to first Trump-Clinton debate

AP - 43 mins ago

CHINA WANG PEI, a graduate student in communications studies, was watching the debate from a cafe in Beijing and said he thought Clinton carried herself better. "I person...

A record audience is expected to watch tonight's presidential debate - Yesterday

Sep 26th 2016, 16:49 by THE DATA TEAM SOME 100m people are expected to tune in to the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tonight, accor...

Sri Lanka exhumes body of slain editor for new investigation

SFGate - 2 hours ago

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) - The body of a newspaper editor killed seven years ago was exhumed Tuesday for a fresh investigation as Sri Lanka's government looks anew at mult...

Trump didn't delete his tweet calling global warming a Chinese hoax

Washington Post - 7 hours ago

During the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday, Clinton accused her rival of believing "that climate change is a hoax perpetrated...

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Leaked Google Pixel render shows snazzy new interface

Mashable - 1 hour ago

Google's upcoming Pixel phone won't look extraordinary on the outside, but it will have plenty of new software tricks. Some of these can be seen in a leaked press render ...

MLB's app now delivers video highlights straight to your lock screen

The Verge - 1 hour ago

iOS 10 is all about the lock screen, delivering extra functionality via both widgets and more powerful notifications. You might not have noticed, though, that some apps c...

Google launches YouTube Go for India

Mashable - 2 hours ago

Google today announced a new version of its YouTube app called 'YouTube Go' for India to tackle slower network connections. The project is part of company's 'Next Billion...

Chrome for Android update brings data saver for videos, smarter file downloads

Mashable - 1 hour ago

Google is introducing major improvements to Chrome for Android to make browsing faster, and downloads seamless for people on slow network. The announcement is part of com...

Google announces Google Station to offer free Wi-Fi services everywhere

Mashable - 2 hours ago

Google wants every public place on the planet to have fast Wi-Fi service. Less than one year after Google began connecting railway stations in India with free Wi-Fi servi...

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Who Lost the First Presidential Debate? All of Us - 2 hours ago

The first presidential debate of the season is finally over and it was underwhelming. I remember when I loved watching presidential debates, rooting for my candidate, bou...

McLaren's first electric car is for under-sixes only

The Verge - 2 hours ago

McLaren British carmaker McLaren has been talking about developing a pure electric vehicle for a while now, but we didn't realize the company's plans were so far advanced...

'Water spewing' from Jupiter's moon

BBC - 54 mins ago

Scientists say they've spotted jets of water spewing from Europa, a huge moon orbiting Jupiter. It's a big deal because water means there's a chance of finding basic for...

U-2 spy plane crash: Why 'Cold War' aircraft are still relevant today

FOXNews - 2 hours ago

Pilot Francis Gary Powers (R) speaks with U-2 designer Kelly Johnson in this 1966 U.S. Air Force handout photo. (REUTERS/U.S. Air Force/Handout) A U-2 spy plane that cr...

The Universe Has No Sense of Direction, New Study Finds - 2 hours ago

Scientists have discovered that the universe looks the same in all directions. In a new study published in Physical Review Letters, the researchers have found that the un...

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What's the real deal with coconut water?

FOXNews - 2 hours ago

Is pink coconut water as good for you as the cloudy stuff? (Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling by Alex Brannian, Food Styling by Kat Boytsova) The first time I noticed p...

Child TB deaths set to fall as Kenya launches new drugs

FOXNews - 18 mins ago

A graphic of mycobacterium tuberculosis, a pathogenic bacterial species in the family Mycobacteriaceae and the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis. (iStock) N...

Thailand investigates 4 cases of suspected Zika-linked microcephaly

FOXNews - 31 mins ago

A city worker fumigates the area to control the spread of mosquitoes at a university in Bangkok (Copyright Reuters 2016) BANGKOK - Thailand is investigating four suspec...

7 signs you're headed for divorce, according to a relationship expert

FOXNews - 2 hours ago

(mofles) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split has dominated the news cycle for the last few days, shocking fans and close friends alike. While this celeb breakup may se...

5 snacks to get the most out of your workout

FOXNews - 2 hours ago

(daffodilred) To get the most out of your exercise, it is crucial to nourish your body properly before working out. The perfect pre-workout food formula is one part sim...

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