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Israeli man, 19, arrested in connection with threats against Jewish Community Centers in U.S., other nations

Washington Post - 2 days ago

JERUSALEM - Israeli police on Thursday arrested a young man with dual U.S. citizenship in connection with a wave of threats to Jewish communities and institutions in the ...

North Korea ready to conduct nuclear test, US officials say

CNN - Yesterday

South Korea says a test can happen as soon as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un orders it US maintains presence of WC-135 Combat Shadow aircraft in region to conduct air sa...

The Five Leading Social Media Messages Following #LondonAttack

Medium - Yesterday

As a student of memetics and information warfare, I'm always curious about the different narratives that emerge following acts of terrorism. How do people respond? What m...

Susan Rice on Trump's wiretapping claim: 'Nothing of the sort occurred.' - 2 days ago

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice pushed back Wednesday against President Donald Trump's claim that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration during the 201...

Poles celebrate EU on bloc's 60th anniversary with march

SFGate - 9 hours ago

WARSAW, Poland (AP) - Thousands of Poles marched through Warsaw on Saturday, waving European Union and Polish flags in a show of support for the troubled European project...

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Confused? Here's how to get your laptop to your destination

Mashable - 3 days ago

Search the internet about how to pack your laptop in checked luggage, and you'll find a recurring theme: don't. But, in light of the new electronic device restrictions b...

Google Maps will soon let you share your real-time location - here's how it works

Business Insider - 3 days ago

If you're the type of person who texts your friends "I just left, I'll be there soon" when you're really about to step into the shower, you're not going to like this new...

webpack bits: Getting the most out of the CommonsChunkPlugin()

Medium - 6 hours ago

From time to time, the webpack core team loves to get the community involved on Twitter, and share bits and pieces of knowledge in a fun and informative way. This time, t...

Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore-The Finest Way to Advertise Your Company

OC Digital Network - 7 hours ago

All the businesses require appropriate marketing. Some years back, people were using electronic and print media largely to promote business. However, this wasn't possible...

Overuse of hashtags is not recommended!

CVMG - 7 hours ago

Hashtags are a popular part of the digital world today and it is rare to find anyone who does not know what they are. Although most of the people know about it, but still...

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Azerbaijan`s GDP grows 0.4 per cent - 11 hours ago

Azerbaijan`s Gross Domestic Product increased 0.4 per cent in the first two months of this year to make AZN 10,042,600,000 (or around $5,892,571,071), the State Statistic...

Nasa is dead and Raila is just a parasite, says Mutahi Ngunyi - 12 hours ago

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has made sensational claims about the opposition terming their alliance as dead and leader Raila Odinga a parasite. In his column, the ana...

Changing to BST: Will the clock change affect your kids?

BBC - 12 hours ago

Scientists at the University of Oxford are working with BBC Learning to determine how children's sleep patterns and bedtime routines are affected by changing the times be...

What is Air force? Explain the syllabus for Air Force Exam 2017

Lata Chaudhary - 12 hours ago

Air force is the part of defence academy wherein cadets are selected for the recruitment military in aerial warfare as distinct from a military, army, or a marine corps. ...

NASA Selects Mission To Map Interstellar Medium In Milky Way, Large Magellanic Cloud

International Business Times - 12 hours ago

NASA announced Saturday that it had, as part of its Explorers Program, selected a science mission to measure emissions from the interstellar medium within our galaxy. The...

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How Much Do You Need To Workout?

HuffingtonPost - 7 hours ago

How much do you need to workout? This question often delays us from starting an exercise program. "How much should I do? I don't know... this is so hard. I'll put it off ...

Fresh Air Weekend: Comic Pete Holmes; Ron Powers Discusses His Sons' Schizophrenia

NPR - 10 hours ago

Fresh Air Weekend highlights some of the best interviews and reviews from past weeks, and new program elements specially paced for weekends. Our weekend show emphasizes i...

A Best Tooth Replacement: Hungary Dental.Co

Hungary Dental Implant - 7 hours ago

No body, wish to live with Missing Teeth. So throughout the History the Human skills have come up with numerous ways of replacements, from seashell, to ivory dentures {18...

Weighing up the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants - 8 hours ago

Dealing with tooth loss is never easy and you probably want to get your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible. While there are several choices available that include...

Cylcing: Wiggins defends his integrity after allegations of wrongdoing

Reuters - 8 hours ago

Bradley Wiggins has described allegations that he may have broken anti-doping rules while with Team Sky as "the worst thing to be accused of" and said he would "shock a f...

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