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If You Haven't Heard Of Stephen Port, Here's What You Should Know About The Killer - 2 hours ago

The London resident allegedly lured his victims into his home with the promise of sex, then gave all of them a lethal dose of the psychoactive drug, GHB, before raping th...

People At This House Randomly Began Having Hallucinations At The Same Time - 6 hours ago

Something seriously strange is going on in Oregon. On October 12, things quickly became very bizarre in Coos County when an assisted-living caregiver called 9-1-1 and tol...

This dog loves pizza and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure it gets a slice

mirror - 3 hours ago

It's not every day you feel you have so much in common with a member of the canine family , but here we are, identifying with a Basset Hound. So what is it exactly whic...

Fla. man arrested when cops confused doughnut glaze for meth sues

NY Daily News - 54 mins ago

Those dollars will buy a whole lot of doughnuts. The Krispy Kreme-loving Florida man police arrested when they confused dried doughnut glaze in his car for crystal meth...

These Siblings Can't Stop Pranking Each Other By Hiding Tina Belcher Cutout Around The House

Bored Panda - 2 hours ago

Anyone who has been growing up with siblings would perfectly understand the excitement of playing a well-deserved prank on each other. So when Indiana-based Molly Freeman...

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Cerner Inks With Midland Health (CERN)

Investopedia - 2 days ago

Global health IT provider, Cerner Corp. (CERN) scored a new deal with Midland Health, a system of healthcare partners including Midland Memorial Hospital in Texas. Midlan...

Advaxis Prostate Cancer Study Moves Forward (ADXS)

Investopedia - Yesterday

Advaxis Inc. (ADXS) initiated part B of its Phase 1/2 clinical trial for its drug ADXS-PSA to treat metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. In part B, the drug A...

Pic Of Preemie Baby With Huge Smile Born In Minnesota Goes Viral - Yesterday

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - A picture that a Minnesota mother posted to social media of her preemie baby's big smile has people from all over smiling, too. On Oct. 16, Lauren V...

Heartwarming Photo Showing Premature Baby Smiling 5 Days After Birth Goes Viral - Yesterday

A touching and inspiring photo showing a premature baby with a big smile on her face has gone viral after being shared on Facebook. The baby's mother, Lauren Vinje, poste...

Trump Said Women Get Abortions Days Before Birth. Doctors Say They Don't.

New York Times - 2 days ago

In the presidential debate Wednesday night, Donald J. Trump expounded on pregnancy and abortion, asserting that under current abortion law, "You can take the baby and rip...

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Richard Simmons is closing his iconic L.A. fitness studio

NY Daily News - 1 hour ago

There will be no more sweatin' to the oldies at Richard Simmons' famed L.A. fitness studio. The fitness spot, called Slimmons, will be closing its doors in November, ma...

Home intruders shoot, kill 2 Ga. kids while parents were away

NY Daily News - 48 mins ago

Home invaders shot and killed two children after breaking into an Atlanta-area home, police said. An 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy were found dead inside their...

Fetty Wap Gets Crooked Smile Fixed For $80K - 1 hour ago

New York, NY - Fetty Wap got his crooked smile fixed, opting for $80,000 worth of porcelain veneers instead of going for the typical rapper with a grill look, TMZ report...

Comedian Kevin Meaney dies at 60

Page Six - 3 hours ago

A veteran stand-up comic was found dead in his upstate home, according to reports. Kevin Meaney, broke out in the 1980s with an HBO special and appearances on "The Tonigh...

Drake Hints He's Dropping New Music On His 30th Birthday - Is It About Rihanna?

Hollywood Life - 2 hours ago

There's just days left until Drake turns thirty, flirty and thriving, and he may be giving US a gift! Drake hinted on Instagram that new music is coming on his birthday, ...

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Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins Feud Is Being Overshadowed by Chris Jericho

Bleacher Report - 1 hour ago

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are going to hell; Hell in a Cell, that is. The WWE Universal Championship will be on the line when these two top Superstars step into Satan'...

Roger Goodell suggests fans simply don't understand the issues

NY Daily News - 1 hour ago

Roger Goodell might want to stop talking now. The NFL commissioner continued to dig himself into a deeper hole on the league's fumbling of domestic violence cases durin...

Fantasy basketball 2016-17: 9 NBA players you need to keep on your radar

Sporting News - 3 hours ago

When it comes to the first couple of rounds of fantasy basketball drafts, the order of players is pretty much set. You can almost guarantee some combination of LeBron Jam...

Chris Paul: 'When I broke my hand, I almost lost my mind'

FOX Sports - 3 hours ago

Chris Paul suffered a broken hand in Game 4 of the Clippers' first-round playoff series against the Blazers last season, and once it was learned that Blake Griffin reaggr...

Andres Iniesta stretchered off pitch as Barcelona fear major injury

FOX Sports - 1 hour ago

Andres Iniesta injured his knee on a nasty tackle in Barcelona's 3-2 win over Valencia and had to be stretchered off the pitch. Now the Catalans are left to wait on the s...

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TD Bank Has World's Worst On-Hold Music - 2 hours ago

TD Bank is the world's 19th largest bank. It has 22 million customers and employs 85,000 people. I don't know how many of them work in marketing, but some of them should ...

How Google embarrassed Apple

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

This week didn't look good for Apple. Google's new Pixel phone launched to positive reviews, largely because of the phone's new digital helper called Google Assistant. ...

Your iPhone's had a secret keyboard all this time - but activating it isn't straightforward

mirror - 5 hours ago

There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when there will be quite literally nothing our phones can't do. Until that day, however, we'll have to content oursel...

Tesla is on the verge of completely changing the way it does business

Business Insider - 4 hours ago

Ever since Tesla entered the Elon Musk era, around 2008, the electric automaker has practiced a counterintuitive strategy: overpromise and under deliver. Musk and the t...

The internet is still actually controlled by 14 people who hold 7 secret keys

Business Insider - Yesterday

YouTube/ICANNnews It sounds like something out of a Dan Brown book, but it isn't: The whole internet is protected by seven highly protected keys, in the hands of 14 peop...

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Cameroon train crash death toll as high as 73, rescuers say

AP - 3 hours ago

ESEKA, Cameroon (AP) - The death toll from an overloaded train that derailed in Cameroon has risen, rescue workers and hospital staff said Saturday, estimating that at le...

People who actually lost jobs to Mexico and China are less likely to support Trump

Business Insider - 3 hours ago

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Given how much Donald Trump talks about jobs leaving America, you might think that his supporters lost out more than others. In fact, the opposite...

Egyptian court confirms 20-year-prison sentence on Mursi

Reuters - 5 hours ago

It is the first final verdict against Mursi on charges arising from the killing of protesters during demonstrations in 2012. Mursi, Egypt's first democratically elected p...

Rally For Aleppo: Carey Mulligan Joins Demonstrators Outside Downing Street Calling For An End To Attacks On Syrians

HuffingtonPost - 2 hours ago

Carey Mulligan joined hundreds of people outside Downing Street on Saturday to call on the UK government to take decisive action to end attacks on civilians in the Syrian...

Battle for Mosul Advances Amid Reports of ISIS Holding Families to Use as Human Shields

ABC News - 2 hours ago

The massive battle to liberate Iraq's second largest city from ISIS entered its sixth day amid reports that the terrorist group had taken hundreds of civilians captive to...

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Essen 2016: Our picks from the biggest board game con in the world

Ars Technica - 2 hours ago

Even board game cons now have trailers! Germans love board gaming in a way we could never match in the US or Britain-and the four-day Internationale Spieltage in Essen re...

Facebook employees fume after push to censor Trump posts rebuffed

FOXNews - 5 hours ago

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds a pair of the touch controllers for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets on stage during the Facebook F8 conference in San Francis...

Why Apple's A10 chip "blows away the competition"

Android Authority - 3 hours ago

This article first appeared on our sister site, Tab Times. Credit where credit is due: Apple's A-series chipsets are pretty impressive. Despite only recently stepping up ...

That massive internet outage, explained

Yahoo! - 6 hours ago

If you've never heard of a DDoS attack before, you could be forgiven for wondering what the frak was going on Friday as half your favorite websites stopped working. The a...

WATCH: Video Appears to Show Clinton Lecturing State Dept on Cyber Security

FOXNews - 4 hours ago

A new video has surfaced that appears to show then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recording a video warning her colleagues about the dangers of insufficient cyber sec...

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Neanderthals mated with European humans and it made their immune systems weaker

Quartz - 35 mins ago

The path to humanity as we know it was long. Over about 2 million years, early human species slowly evolved beneficial mutation after beneficial (or at least benign) muta...

After the storm: Drone flights enable speedy cellular inspections - 2 hours ago

Hurricane Matthew, which formed Sept. 28 and dissipated Oct. 10, brought torrential rains to the Carolinas, causing widespread flooding. The above is a screenshot from a ...

NASA Images Indicate That the ExoMars Schiaparelli Lander Crashed

Futurism - 1 hour ago

It looks like the European Space Agency's (ESA) Schiaparelli Mars Lander entered martian atmosphere and landed with a bang, new images from NASA suggest. Last we heard, t...

US scientists find new way to convert CO2 to green fuel - 1 hour ago

US scientists say they have stumbled upon an economically practical and highly efficient way of converting a greenhouse gas largely blamed for global warming into an envi...

Appearing happy on social media is increasingly being used against people in court

Business Insider - 3 hours ago

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson In 2006, a Long Island high school teacher pleaded guilty to third-degree rape and endangering the welfare of a child. Danny Cuesta admitted to p...

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Why pediatricians want parents to be careful about posting pics of their kids on social media

Yahoo! - 2 hours ago

Many parents casually post pictures of their children on social media without a second thought, but a new study suggests that parents should exercise more caution in thei...

Twitter Teaches Us How To #BeRomanticIn4Words

Distractify - 5 hours ago

I am currently single and have been for a quite a while now. Part of the problem is that I cannot even begin how to figure out how to get out of this rut. And do you know...

The Best Serums if You Want to Wake Up Looking like a Dewy, Plump, Shiny Alien

Yahoo! - 2 hours ago

For all the intolerance in politics these days, we are lucky to live in a beauty world that has become much more accepting of shine. Because a healthy sheen = youth = can...

The right way to take melatonin supplements, according to a sleep doc

FOXNews - 5 hours ago

(Gam1983) Jet lag always seems to get the best of me when I travel. I've tried prescription sleeping pills, well-timed cups of coffee, and even gradually adjusting my s...

Texas patient's 'Juju on That Chemo' video reaches 6M views

FOXNews - Yesterday

Ana-Alecia Ayala, left, and her dance partner have gone viral for their 'Juju on That Chemo' dance. (Ana-Alecia Ayala) Ana-Alecia Ayala has been fighting a rare tumor t...

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