Have you ever been tricked by a fictional character? I don't mean has a character ever tricked yo because of how the writer orchestrated a scene or how an actor delivered the character's lines, I mean has a fictional cartoon character ever looked you in the eyes with the intent to con you and succeeded? It hadn't happened to me until yesterday, but now that I've experienced Gary the Gull, I have a newfound respect for the sly and cunning nature of talking seagulls.

Gary the Gull is an interactive experience from Motional's Director and CEO, Mark Walsh. If you watch the trailer and think to yourself, "Wow! This is really colorful and well done. It almost looks like a Pixar movie or something," you're not too far off. Walsh was an animator at Pixar for over 15 years and worked on films like Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2, and Ratatouille.

Iterate to Create

"Every single movie I ever worked on really sucked at one point," Walsh told me during an interview at GDC. "The way we liked to work at Pixar was through iteration. The final product you'd see of a film, was nowhere near what the first version looked like. In the case of Gary the Gull, we're such ...