There's a reason that podcasts are such a fast-growing medium. They're timely, convenient--perfect length for commuting--and usually free, like a radio station you program for yourself.

Whatever you're interested in, there's probably a podcast discussing it--politics, sports, history, music, language, storytelling--you name it.

Unsurprisingly, business is an especially fast-growing segment. But as with anything with lots of entries, you have to sort through a lot to find the good stuff.

I've gathered a baker's dozen of the best business podcasts here--some you may already know and hopefully some that are new to you. But they all share a common thread--they'll give you new ideas for helping your business grow, your mind expand, and your plans convert to action.

1. The Action Catalyst, hosted by Rory Vaden. The Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting and author of New York Times best-seller best-seller "Take the Stairs" combines pragmatic insights and powerful inspiration to lead you into action. Interviews and lessons cover everything from personal productivity to sales to entrepreneurship, with a set of action steps you can apply immediately. A must if you want to take action.

2. Your Partner In Success Radio hosted by Denise Griffitts brings together leaders and entrepreneurs from a wide range of business disciplines, from marketing and sales to leadership and productivity, to share stories, wisdom, tips and advice. A podcast that inspires success.

3. Social Pros Podcast, hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown. Recently named the best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards, Social Pros features social media experts from major brands to discuss successes, failures, strategies, and metrics. If you're serious about social media there's no better resource, a must ...