Getting a handle on your work flow and figuring out how to work smarter can seem like an insurmountable task, but it is achievable. It is doable. Getting more great work done in today's environment takes a mix of innovative tactics and good-old fashioned grit.

I recently interviewed 40+ experts on productivity, teamwork, leadership, and career management and 5 individual's recommendations stood out. Here they are:

Rory Vaden, bestselling author of Take The Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose, said his approach starts with his calendar. "I'm a big fan of throwing everything off of your calendar and making it fight its way back onto the calendar. On any given day you just say, 'Hey. It's off the calendar, and now it's got to fight its way to get back on, to get back in front of me.'"

Dan Ariely, behavioral economist and bestselling author, blends his most important work with some of his most enjoyable pleasures. "I try to connect my morning coffee, which is a ritual routine that I love, with productivity." That way, he enjoys his work as much as his macchiato. ...