"I really can't remember feeling my heart falling in love as fast as in that head-wobbly moment."

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The kitten's real name is Elsa, but she quickly became known as "Velcro Cat." Elsa's foster mom, Crystal Mackey, started calling her this because of the way Elsa cuddles up to her and attaches herself.

"Within the first hour of her arrival, she discovered how warm and cozy my neck was," Mackey told The Dodo. "Then she discovered that she could actually balance on my shoulder to snuggle my neck. After that, I couldn't get her off my shoulder, and every time she found me, she'd climb her way up and give me kisses."

Crystal Mackey

Before Elsa became Velcro Cat, she was living at an outdoor pool store in Sydney, Australia. Rescuers found her there alone - no mom or siblings in sight.

Elsa was probably about 4 weeks old when she was found, and she wasn't just alone, she was also blind. In fact, she didn't seem to have eyes at all, but tiny pink holes where her eyes should have been. Knowing Elsa needed special care, the people who found her tried to find a rescue group to take her in. CatRescue 901, an organization that specializes in rescuing abandoned kittens and cats, quickly put its hand up.

Crystal Mackey

Elsa was in terrible shape - she had lice, fleas, intestinal worms and ringworm. She'd been born without fully formed eyes, and she had a pronounced head wobble and difficulties walking, which a veterinary neurologist later diagnosed as cerebellar hypoplasia.