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Warring democracies: Mike Pence and Angela Merkel display open hostility at Munich Security Conference | Trudy Rubin

MUNICH, Germany — Over the past few days I viewed, up close, the growing schism between the United States and Europe — which makes it easy for Russia and China to undermine the West.


Pence met with silence; Merkel hammers Trump

While speaking at the 55th Munich Security Conference, VP Mike Pence was met with silence after mentioning President Trump. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the Trump administration's foreign policies.


Angela Merkel and U.S. Auto Makers Voice Concerns as Trump Receives Key Car Tariff Report

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has made his recommendations to President Donald Trump about whether foreign car imports constitute a “national security risk” to the U.S. It’s not yet clear what’s in the recommendations—submitted Sunday, hours before a 270-day deadline expired—as they have not been m


Merkel successor cleans up as Putzfrau Gretel in carnival role

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the leader of Germany’s Christian Democrat party, returned to her home state of Saarland over the weekend to reprise her annual role as Putzfrau Gretel (Gretel the cleaning lady) during carnival celebrations.


Trump Is Starting to Get Under Merkel’s Skin

(Bloomberg) -- Want to receive this post in your inbox every day? Sign up for the Balance of Power newsletter, and follow Bloomberg Politics on Twitter and Facebook for more. Angela Merkel is sick of Donald Trump’s constant bashing of Germany.


Angela Merkel Mocks Trump Administration But Ivanka Is Not Having It

German Chancellor Angela Merkel zinged the Trump administration over threatened tariffs during a speech at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday and the audience erupted in applause — except for Ivanka Trump, who remained stone-faced as she listened to the translation via headphones.


Merkel Receives Standing Ovation After Denouncing Trump At Munich Conference

The only person who was not clapping was Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter. Here is the video of the standing ovation. Here is the video of Ivanka's reaction. In Munich, Germany, world leaders have gathered for the annual security conference. According to The Washington Post, German Chancellor


The internet thinks Ivanka was glaring at Angela Merkel during trade war speech

During a speech at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel went after the Trump administration for wanting to label BMWs as national security threats in order to impose tariffs.


Pence calls on European allies to withdraw from Iran deal as Merkel defends decision

Munich, Germany (CNN)Vice President Mike Pence called on European allies to abandon the Iran nuclear deal while speaking at the Munich Security Conference, shortly after German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended Germany's decision to stand by the deal.


Pence chastises EU, rejects Merkel's call to work with Russia

MUNICH (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Mike Pence rebuked European powers over Iran and Venezuela on Saturday in a renewed attack on Washington’s traditional allies, rejecting a call by Germany’s chancellor to include Russia in global cooperation efforts.


Pence presses Merkel over Nordstream, Iran deal

MUNICH (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday he told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Europe and the United States need to stand together against Iran and he reiterated Washington’s opposition to the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline.


Britons who helped the Nazis during World War II and served in Hitler's SS are STILL receiving pensions from the German Goverment, Belgian MPs say

British citizens who helped the Nazis are receiving pension payments from the German government for helping Hitler's forces during World War II, according to a group of Belgian MPs.


Merkel calls Russia a partner, urges global cooperation

MUNICH (Reuters) - Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a robust defence on Saturday of Germany’s foreign trade relations and ties with Russia, urging global leaders meeting in Munich to work together to tackle the world’s problems.


Letter: Merkel story a reminder of unwanted walls

I was pleased to see your front-page coverage of the awarding of the William J. Fulbright Prize for International Understanding to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the attendance at the ceremony in Berlin by former foreign language teacher Mary Stanton of Richfield.


Merkel congratulates Tsipras, Zaev on settling name dispute

On Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his counterpart, Zoran Zaev for reaching a resolution in the decades-long name dispute.


Angela Merkel criticises US isolationism, urging 'win-win solutions'

Angela Merkel has turned her fire on America’s “home alone” policies, saying multilateral bodies cannot simply be smashed up, and warned President Trump that Europe must not be excluded from discussions on future nuclear disarmament, Syria or trade.


Merkel Wants Antitrust Rules Changed to Foster Global Players

German Chancellor Angela Merkel continued her campaign to get European Union antitrust rules changed so that companies in the region can better compete with global giants in the U.S. and China.


Merkel blames 'outside influence' for kids' climate change protest... but could it just be a protest?

Talking almost in one breath about Russia, "hybrid warfare" and widespread environmental protests among schoolchildren across Europe is not bizarre paranoia, but a deliberate tactic, RT has been told.


Merkel Rejects U.S. Demand to Quit Iran Deal

MUNICH — Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany delivered a strong rejoinder Saturday to U.S. demands that European allies pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and gave a spirited defense of multilateral institutions in a world increasingly marked by great-power rivalry.


Germany's Merkel suggests rethink of EU competition policy

BERLIN (AP) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe may need to rethink its competition rules if it wants to create companies that can play a significant role on the global stage.