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Democrats consider Fox News town halls for 2020 after Sanders’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared on Fox News recently in the network’s second town hall of the 2020 election cycle. Joy Reid and her panel discuss other Democrats in talks to do the same as Fox News struggles to meet advertising targets.


Bernie Sanders Pierces the Fox News Bubble

On Monday night, Fox News aired a town hall with Bernie Sanders, a front-runner in the 2020 Democratic primaries. The self-described “democratic socialist” took a risk appearing on the populist-right network. It paid off.


Bernie Sanders releases tax returns, which show how he became a millionaire

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday released a decade of tax returns, providing new insight into how the Democratic socialist senator from Vermont became a millionaire between his two presidential runs.


'What's with @FoxNews?': Trump fumes after Bernie Sanders town hall

Bernie Sanders drew big ratings and rave reviews for his Fox News town hall on Monday night. And President Trump apparently isn’t happy about his favorite cable network's role in it.


Pinkerton: Making American Healthcare Great Again, Part Three — Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders

Healthcare for Everyone Sounds Good . . . In Part One of this series, we considered the current state of play on the healthcare issue; that is, the Trump administration is challenging Obamacare in court, and the Democrats are rising strongly in defense of their cherished program.


Pres. Trump predicts Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders will be 2020 Dem ‘finalists’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is predicting that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden will be the final two Democrats standing in the 2020 race against him.


Trump would beat Sanders in 2020 matchup, says Obama campaign manager

Jim Messina, campaign manager for former President Barack Obama's successful re-election campaign, predicted that Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., would be unable to counter President Trump's economic messaging and would therefore lose in a 2020 electoral matchup.


Bernie Sanders Becomes Superhero in New Comic Book

Gearing up for his second presidential run, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been turned into a comic book superhero. From the politically-charged Devil's Due Comics comes Talk Bernie To Me! is a one-shot comic book currently scheduled for physical and digital release on July 3rd.


Bernie Sanders has a plan to stop wealth from moving ‘from working families to the top 1%’ (buy his book to learn more)

The socialist public servant millionaire bestselling author with three homes is on the presidential campaign trail doing his thing, this time with some heavy criticism for a system that allows this to happen:


Trump Tax Law Saved Sen. Bernie Sanders Almost $40,000 Last Year

The Trump tax law saved millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders $38K last year. The 2020 candidate for president released 10 years of tax returns that show he earned more than $1 million in income in 2016 and 2017.


“Bernie Is Definitely a Problem”: Why the 2020 Race Is Sanders Versus Everybody

The poll numbers for his presidential candidate are stubbornly mired in the single digits. The fundraising numbers are equally underwhelming. Still, the Democratic strategist makes a detailed, optimistic case for patience, one anchored firmly in recent history. “Seventy percent of the electorate doe


In the race for grassroots donations, it’s a battle between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) threw down a small-dollar donations gauntlet in February, eschewing big donors and drawing from fellow progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) grassroots playbook. That pledge hasn’t backfired as some expected, but it’s resulted in fundraising numbers that are good — no


Coulter — If Bernie Went Back To Pro Blue Collar Position, I’d Vote For Him In 2020

Ann Coulter is conservative. She foresaw Donald Trump winning the 2016 GOP nomination when nobody else did. She went on national television and told Bill Maher that Trump was going to win the race for the White House.


Pete Buttigieg compares Bernie supporters and Trump fans

Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg compared Bernie Sanders’ supporters with fans of President Trump — claiming that both camps include disaffected citizens who seek to change the status quo.


Harris, Sanders lead presidential candidates in Berkeley fundraising

All of the Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential nomination have found donors in Berkeley, according to the latest data from the Federal Election Commission. California Senator Kamala Harris – who grew up in Berkeley – and returning contender Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders lead both in num


Ann Coulter Would Vote for Bernie Sanders' Original Border Policy Despite 'The Rest of the Socialist Stuff'

Right-wing pundit and immigration hawk Ann Coulter said she could vote and perhaps even work for democratic socialist Bernie Sanders if he stuck to his “original position” on U.S. border policy.


Krugman defends Bernie Sanders' wealth, says he displays 'civic virtue'

New York Times opinion columnis Paul Krugman-- who once called Sen. Bernie Sanders' economic policies “destructive self-indulgence”-- is now praising the leading 2020 candidate for “civic virtue” because he’s advocating his policies despite his riches.


Bernie Sanders Could WIN The Presidency! Brace NOW For The Tax Tsunami...

Say it ain’t’ so, Karl! No less than Karl Rove, longstanding Republican kingmaker, recently made big news by concluding that Bernie Sanders – self-declared “Democratic Socialist” – has a real shot at unseating Donald Trump in the White House next year.


'They are terrified': Bernie's campaign hits back on anti-Sanders Dems

The gloves are officially off. Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign hit back Tuesday at anti-Sanders Democrats in a fundraising email that followed a New York Times story on how they were agonizing over the possibility of him winning the party's presidential nomination.


Trump goes after Sanders' taxes, Fox News appearance

President Donald Trump, in a trio of tweets Tuesday evening, targeted Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential prospects, tax returns and his Fox News appearance the day before. The Vermont senator released 10 years of his tax returns Monday and called on Trump to do the same during a Fox News town hall in