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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Green New Deal rollout was ‘a mistake’

Two months ago, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shook Washington politics when she unveiled her ambitious environmental plan to combat climate change — and she now says that effort was a mistake.


Climate Change: The Facts review – our greatest threat, laid bare

Once, a night in with David Attenborough promised the TV equivalent of a warm blanket. It was a chance to watch spectacular creatures revelling in the beauty of their natural habitats, as the man with a voice as soothing as ice-cream described what we could see, from the violent to the serene. Those


Striking a Balance Between Fear and Hope on Climate Change

“Falter,” the environmentalist Bill McKibben’s latest book about threats to the planet, combines fear of bad outcomes with hope for good outcomes. His opening pages set the stage. “This volume is bleak,” he writes, elaborating a few paragraphs later: “I think we’re uniquely ill prepared to cope with


Climate change protests close London streets

Hundreds of protesters brought some of London’s busiest streets and most iconic landmarks to a standstill on Tuesday in a so-called “Extinction Rebellion” to highlight climate change. The closures led to severe disruption to local communities and at least 122 arrests, police said.


Police clear Extinction Rebellion protesters from Waterloo Bridge

Police have cleared the remaining Extinction Rebellion activists from Waterloo Bridge in London, despite earlier calls on social media for people that were willing to be arrested to “go there and save it”.


Climate’s Troubling Unknown Unknowns

Donald Rumsfeld famously popularized the term “unknown unknowns” in a 2002 news briefing when describing the challenges of linking Iraq to weapons of mass destruction. Troublingly, climate change may also be strewn with such unknowns, and they pose daunting tests for how we face the future.


The Weather Channel’s new climate change video is … really intense

“The Arctic — the fastest warming area on Earth,” Weather Channel meteorologist Jen Carfagno narrates in a new video as the camera speeds you under an iceberg arch, through the spray from a breaching whale, and past ice-capped peaks so realistic you can almost feel the Arctic chill. “Changes here ar


Greens propose supporting Labor climate policy in environment deal

The Greens will push Labor to back key parts of its new environment strategy – including a $2bn nature fund – in exchange for crucial support of the opposition’s climate change policy in the Senate.


Climate Change Could Destroy His Home in Peru. So He Sued an Energy Company in Germany.

In the mountains far above the red-brick city, behind a locked gate, there is a great, green valley. Its high stone walls are streaked by waterfalls; its floor dotted with flowers and grazed by horses and cows. Six boulder-strewn miles beyond the gate, the valley ends abruptly at an enormous wall of


Sen. Mike Lee says solution to climate change 'is to fall in love, get married and have some kids'

(CNN) — Utah Sen. Mike Lee on Tuesday called babies and families the solution to climate change in response to a Democratic plan to overhaul the economy through the Green New Deal proposal.


We Asked the 2020 Democrats About Climate Change (Yes, All of Them). Here Are Their Ideas.

For Democrats vying to unseat President Trump, acknowledging climate change is easy. Deciding what to do about it is the hard part. Among the 18 declared candidates, there is no broad consensus on taxing polluters on their carbon emissions — a measure most experts say is needed to slow global warmin


Melting glaciers contribute a third of sea-level rise

Like an ice cube on a hot summer day, many of Earth's glaciers are shrinking. Last January, a study in Nature Climate Change showed the world's glaciers are the smallest they've been in human history, revealing radiocarbon material that hasn't been exposed for 40,000 years.


Arresting the disaster that is climate change

Our unsustainable lifestyles and commitment to perpetual economic growth have become the major drivers of climate change and loss of biodiversity on Earth (Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse, 15 April). Our politicians fail to grasp the scale and urgency of the risk humanity faces.


Big Buildings Hurt the Climate. New York City Hopes to Change That.

New York City is about to embark on an ambitious plan to fight climate change that would force thousands of large buildings, like the Empire State Building and Trump Tower, to sharply reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


Waikiki flood concerns spur push for Hawaii shore protection

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii’s iconic Waikiki Beach could soon be underwater as rising sea levels caused by climate change overtake its white sand beaches and bustling city streets.


Climate crisis: today’s children face lives with tiny carbon footprints

Children born today will have to live their lives with drastically smaller carbon footprints than their grandparents if climate change is to be controlled. Fast, deep cuts in global emissions from energy, transport and food are needed to keep temperature rises in check and an analysis has shown this


The Next Reckoning: Capitalism and Climate Change

The world’s most difficult problem has a solution so simple that it can be expressed in four words: Stop burning greenhouse gases. How exactly to pull this off is somewhat more complicated — just not as complicated as most Americans have been led to believe. As James Hansen, the don of modern climat


This Tanzanian city may soon be one of the world’s most populous. Is it ready?

This article was created in partnership with the National Geographic Society. One evening in March, as a warm breeze blew in from the Indian Ocean and the call to prayer from the neighborhood mosque echoed in the twilight, Omari Abdullah sat on a plastic chair outside his home, preparing for his nig


Police begin second wave of arrests in London climate protests

Police have moved in again to begin arresting climate activists blocking Waterloo Bridge in central London. Hundreds of people had occupied the crossing and three other sites in the capital since Monday morning.


How 18 Democratic Candidates Responded to a Climate Policy Survey

The New York Times asked all 18 declared Democratic presidential candidates for their views on a number of policy options related to climate change. [Read the article here.]. The candidates unanimously supported recommitting to the Paris Agreement, restoring President Barack Obama’s environmental re