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Elizabeth Warren unveiled her presidential plan for universal child care, and this would be a game changer

Campaigning for the 2020 presidential election is already underway, with several Democrats vying for the party’s official nomination. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was one of the first politicians to declare her intent to run, and now that she has made it official, she’s starting to announc


WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Mocks Friendship Between Trump And Netanyahu

In an excerpt from an interview he conducted with Massachusetts senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, Pod Save America host Tommy Vietor and Warren engaged in sniping at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump, mocking them for the obvious friendship the two men


Sanders and Warren give the left a bigger platform -- and a tougher decision than they ever expected

(CNN)Before Sen. Bernie Sanders emerged as the left's alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2015, many of the same activists who eventually helped lift his primary campaign had a different progressive hero in mind: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


How would Elizabeth Warren's ambitious child care proposal work?

Washington (CNN)Democrats running for President in 2020 have unveiled a buffet of increasingly ambitious proposals to strengthen the social safety net. The latest of these is Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's proposal to create a new federal child care system. It's an ambitious twist on the poli


Fox News has covered Ocasio-Cortez more than any 2020 Dem besides Warren: analysis

Fox News has devoted more airtime to freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) than any of the Democrats running for president or expected to do so, except for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), according to a study released Wednesday.


Why vote for Sanders when you can have Elizabeth Warren instead?

Senator Bernie Sanders announced his 2020 presidential run on Tuesday, reigniting old divisions within the Democratic party. His candidacy raises questions about the continued viability of the leftist resurgence that was ushered in partially by his influence in the 2018 midterms, and has sparked fig


Elizabeth Warren Is a Fake Wonk

Although the 2020 Democratic primary race is barely more than a month old, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has already worked to define her role: She is running as a policy wonk.


Elizabeth Warren is running for president as the wonky professor

Watch MJ Lee's report on Elizabeth Warren's professorial approach tonight at 7 p.m. ET on "Erin Burnett OutFront" (CNN)Sen. Elizabeth Warren was just getting started, when Eric, an apprentice electrician who works in the solar power industry, asked her how the country could move past an "antiquated


Warren: Tax millionaires to pay for free child care

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday rolled out a plan that would tax millionaires to fund free child care for millions of low-income children and affordable care for others.


Putin Exposes Warren as Weak on Defense [OPINION]

Once again the Massachusetts Senate delegation is caught looking stupid just days after proposing legislation to limit the president's ability to respond to a potential nuclear threat.


'Oh, let's do the list!' Elizabeth Warren says gun control, global warming and student loan debt are all genuine national emergencies as she ridicules Trump's border wall

Elizabeth Warren has a list of problem areas she says are national emergencies, although she stopped short of saying Tuesday night that she'd take executive action to resolve them.


4 Observations on Elizabeth Warren’s Universal Child-Care Proposal

Senator Elizabeth Warren is right: Child-care services in America can be extremely expensive. In certain areas, child-care can be difficult to find at all. High prices have perniciously regressive effects on low-income families, causing them to miss job opportunities, use unlicensed relatives to car


Elizabeth Warren’s Ideas Could Win The Democratic Primary — Even If She Doesn’t

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is good news for liberal policy activists. And that’s whether she wins the nomination or not. The Massachusetts senator appears poised to serve as a progressive policy anchor in the 2020 Democratic field, pushing the field — and


Feds: Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers, including Sen. Warren

WASHINGTON - Prosecutors say a Coast Guard lieutenant is a "domestic terrorist" who wrote about biological attacks and had a hit list that included prominent Democrats and media figures.


Elizabeth Warren got political advice from 50 Cent during her interview with James Corden

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and 50 Cent? Name a more iconic duo. The Massachusetts Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate shared the couch Tuesday night with the rapper — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — during her appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” And while Warren may not have go


How Elizabeth Warren’s Universal Child Care Plan Would Affect You

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who is seen as a top 2020 Democratic candidate, unveiled an ambitious proposal Tuesday that would offer low- or no-cost child care to all American families, regardless of income. “How much you make at your job should not determine the quality care your child gets,” Warr


Elizabeth Warren says border emergency is ‘fake’ and nation doesn’t need ‘monuments to hate’ like walls

Elizabeth Warren is off and running with the growing field of Democrats seeking that party’s nomination next year, and she’s trying to out-Resist the other Resistance Dems:


Warren rolls out universal child care proposal

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday rolled out a proposal to provide universal access to child care, unveiling a major part of her policy platform as more and more Democratic candidates enter the presidential race.


U.S. presidential hopeful Warren urges universal childcare, 'ultra-millionaire' tax

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat running for president, on Tuesday proposed a universal childcare program, paid for by a tax on high-net-worth individuals, to help families unable to find affordable care.


Elizabeth Warren’s ambitious plan to fight the opioid epidemic, explained

Elizabeth Warren is widely known for her public battles with big banks and Wall Street. She’s gotten attention for her wealth tax proposal. She’s praised, even by some conservatives, for her book The Two-Income Trap.