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Sen. Elizabeth Warren promises to roll back Trump energy policies on 1st day in office

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren thrust herself into the climate change debate this week, promising that if elected president, she'd sign an executive order on her first day in office to end drilling offshore and on public lands, a move that would reverse President Donald Trump's most notable ene


On the campaign trail, Elizabeth Warren furthers calls for impeachment proceedings

WEARE, New Hampshire -- Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren repeated her calls for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump on Saturday, saying she was willing to push harder than Democratic leadership on the matter because it "isn't about politics."


Senator Warren First 2020 Candidate to Call for Impeachment

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about her call for impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. The first 2020 candidate to call for impeachment, Senator Warren says she came to the decision after reading the Mueller report.


Elizabeth Warren on Game of Thrones: "It’s about the women."

In a piece for The Cut, Senator Elizabeth Warren (presidential candidate and HBO fan) shares her love for Game of Thrones. It's loaded with spoilers and political metaphors, so proceed with caution if you're not caught up or allergic to allegory.


Elizabeth Warren: Initiate impeachment against Trump

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. called on Friday for the Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump. Warren tweeted that the Mueller report "lays out facts showing that a hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election to help Donald Trump and Donald Trump we


Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan

In February, a little more than a week after she officially announced she was running for president, Elizabeth Warren rolled out a sweeping proposal to make high-quality child care accessible to every family in the country by levying a tax on the ultra-rich. It would be a massive reinvestment, she s


Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Hosting Event In SLC

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is making a campaign stop in the Beehive State Wednesday. The Democratic nominee hopeful is hosting a free organizing event at 6 p.m. at The Depot, 13 N. 400 West, Salt Lake City. The event is open to the public.


Warren Plans End Of Oil And Gas Leasing On Public Lands

COVER PHOTO: Drilling along the Rocky Mountain Front in Lewis & Clark County, Montana. (Fairfield Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers) U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) launched a public lands debate this week after unveiling her plan to prohibit drilling for new oil and gas development on feder


Behind the Headlines: Sen. Elizabeth Warren makes a Utah campaign stop

Sen. Elizabeth Warren makes a campaign stop in Utah and says she would restore protections for Utah national monuments. Neighbors of the planned Inland Port say they fear the end of their rural way of life. And the state of Utah won’t enforce its 18-week abortion ban, for now.


Elizabeth Warren wants public lands to create jobs—and clean energy

At a stage in the 2020 presidential campaign when most candidates are posting platitudes on Twitter, progressive hopeful Elizabeth Warren has opted for a different approach: Taking to the public online platform Medium, the Massachusetts senator released a procession of detailed policy proposals. War


BIG LIE: Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Brings Presidential Campaign to Colorado

Second-tier Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren pow-wowed with 1,500 supporters, fans, and curiosity seekers in the Hangar at Stanley Marketplace last night with promises of confiscatory taxes, a “commitment to prosecute giant corporations and their leaders,” and policy decisions driven b


Warren urges House to begin impeachment proceedings on heels of Mueller report

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on Friday urged Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, suggesting that the newly released Mueller report had laid out the groundwork for Congress to act.


In the race for grassroots donations, it’s a battle between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) threw down a small-dollar donations gauntlet in February, eschewing big donors and drawing from fellow progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) grassroots playbook. That pledge hasn’t backfired as some expected, but it’s resulted in fundraising numbers that are good — no


Warren Comes Out for Impeachment

After the release of the redacted Mueller report yesterday, there was a groundswell of progressive activist sentiment for countering William Barr’s lies and Team Trump’s wild celebrations of a fake “exoneration” with that ultimate-if-risky weapon of impeachment proceedings in the Democratic-controll


Elizabeth Warren Targets Amazon with Latest tax Proposal

As a policy wonk, by far my favorite thing about elections is examining the multitude of policy proposals put forward by candidates. No candidate can match the pace at which Elizabeth Warren is cranking out policy proposals, particularly on the issue of taxation.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A ‘Fearless Leader,’ Elizabeth Warren Writes In Time 100

NEW YORK (CBS) – Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts and a candidate for president, praises Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a “fearless leader” in Time’s 100 Most Influential People issue.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren pledges to end drilling, restore Bears Ears, Grand Staircase if elected president

SALT LAKE CITY — Just two days before a campaign stop in Utah, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., promised if she's elected president, she'll restore the state's Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments.


26% of Bernie Supporters Would Vote for Trump Over Warren. So What?

Forbes recently put out an article describing 5 Weird Items In The New Bernie-Buttigieg Poll (from Emerson Polling), and among those items was the fact that “26% of current Bernie Sanders supporters said that they would rather vote for President Donald Trump over Senator Elizabeth Warren.”


Elizabeth Warren Asks Top General to Address Climate Change Threat to Military Readiness

Presidential hopeful, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), has sent a letter to Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, asking him how he is addressing the threat climate change poses to military readiness.


Gehrke: Elizabeth Warren isn’t the first, and won’t be last White House hopeful to visit Utah. Here’s why.

When you think about it, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that the road to the Democratic presidential nomination would go through Utah or that, realistically, it would even be a pit stop.