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‘I was never a fan of John McCain, and I never will be’: Trump lashes out at the late senator from the Oval Office

President Trump took fresh aim Tuesday at the late senator John McCain, calling his 2017 vote on a health-care bill “a disgrace” and saying he never was and never would be a fan of the Arizona Republican, who died of brain cancer seven months ago.

WASHINGTON POST - 2019-03-19 17:31:00

Cindy McCain posts stranger's hateful message about John McCain, their daughter

Washington (CNN) — Cindy McCain, the widow of Sen. John McCain, posted a hateful message she received from a stranger the same day President Donald Trump disparaged her late husband.

CNN - 2019-03-20 00:13:00

Health Plans For State Employees Use Medicare's Hammer On Hospital Bills

States. They're just as perplexed as the rest of us over the ever-rising cost of health care premiums. Now some states –including Montana, North Carolina and Oregon — are moving to control costs of state employee health plans. Their strategy: Use Medicare reimbursement rates to recalibrate how they

NPR - 2019-03-20 09:00:00

Free health care clinic opens in Parma mosque

PARMA, Ohio -- A new free health care clinic, sponsored by Cleveland’s Muslim community, has opened in Parma to help people who struggle to pay for doctor visits. The Cleveland Ibn Sina Clinic is inside the Islamic Center of Cleveland, 6055 W. 130th St., Parma. It provides free health care for all c

CLEVELAND.COM - 2019-03-20 09:00:24

Health care costs will rise unless Congress blocks harmful tax

The American people – and just about all our elected officials – frequently and justifiably complain about the high cost of health care. But unless Congress acts, a tax increase on medical devices will take effect Jan. 1 and needlessly raise those costs even higher.

FOX NEWS - 2019-03-19 23:53:50

Vatican’s children’s hospital marks 150 years of serving the peripheries

ROME – Known as the “pope’s hospital,” the Vatican-owned Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù celebrated its 150th anniversary on Tuesday paying homage to its Catholic and Italian heritage and making a commitment to treat all children, including those with rare diseases.

CRUXNOW.COM - 2019-03-20 10:50:10

White House slams 'Medicare for All' as bad for Americans' health and wallets

(CNN) — The Trump administration slammed "Medicare for All" in its annual economic review Tuesday, claiming that creating a new government-run health care program would be expensive, damage the economy and hurt Americans' health.

CNN - 2019-03-19 21:25:00

Costly Confusion: Medicare’s Wellness Visit Isn’t The Same As An Annual Physical

When Beverly Dunn called her new primary care doctor’s office last November to schedule an annual checkup, she assumed her Medicare coverage would pick up most of the tab. The appointment seemed like a routine physical, and she was pleased that the doctor spent a lot of time with her.

KHN.ORG - 2019-03-20 09:00:53

US Sen. Ed Markey, reproductive health advocates slam Trump administration’s Title X changes

BOSTON -- U.S. Sen. Ed Markey joined local reproductive health advocates Tuesday in speaking out against a new federal rule that they said would bar health care providers at Title X-funded centers, like Planned Parenthood, from informing patients that abortions are among the health care options avai

MASSLIVE.COM - 2019-03-19 15:31:09

Heart attacks used to be a major killer. Not anymore.

In the US in the 1990s, having a heart attack was basically a death sentence for some 20% of the people who suffered one. The country’s medical community has spent the last three decades or so working on this problem, and experts widely believe the efforts have paid off. Until now, however, research

QUARTZ - 2019-03-20 09:00:31

What does Andrew Yang believe? Where the candidate stands on 5 issues

Andrew Yang is a 44-year-old entrepreneur, the child of Taiwanese immigrants, and a first-time presidential candidate. A Phillips Exeter Academy alum and a married father of two, he graduated from Columbia Law School and worked briefly as a corporate lawyer before striking out as an entrepreneur. Ya

PBS.ORG - 2019-03-19 21:20:00

Tech tidbits in Trump’s budget

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POLITICO - 2019-03-19 14:00:00

Healthcare needs price competition, not just transparency

Is Washington finally about to remedy one of the key maladies plaguing American healthcare? Perhaps. But regulatory policies in the District, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and other states won’t make it easy.

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2019-03-20 04:00:49

Why the Washington measles outbreak is mostly affecting Russian speakers

When Valerie Kobylnik became pregnant for the first time nine years ago, she was convinced vaccines were toxic. She’d seen and read plenty of material to persuade her — anti-vaccine blogs, YouTube videos featuring the parents of “vaccine-injured” children, and books like Vaccine Epidemic.

VOX - 2019-03-19 10:00:00

Your cheat sheet to all the 2020 Democrats' 'Medicare for All' plans

(CNN) — "Medicare for All" has become a catchphrase among 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, but there's no universal agreement about how to move forward with overhauling the American health care system.

CNN - 2019-03-19 12:17:00

Missoula’s upstart PatientOne helps users navigate the health care system

A Missoula health-care startup has developed a software solution to simplify communication between patients and their doctors, and it now plans to hire 10 new employees this year with an eye on future growth.

MISSOULACURRENT.COM - 2019-03-19 21:00:27

The Inventor Misses Elizabeth Holmes’s—And Silicon Valley’s—Most Insidious Crimes

We’re in the midst of scammer fever, and Elizabeth Holmes is the craze’s reigning queen—what with her bizarre, Romy White–style baritone, and her black turtlenecks and drama-club makeup that looks like she put it on while giving herself a TED Talk in the mirror. Holmes—the Stanford dropout who found

VOGUE - 2019-03-19 15:19:59

Trump attacks McCain over dossier, Meghan McCain swipes back

(CNN) — President Donald Trump again attacked late Sen. John McCain Saturday -- prompting the Arizona Republican's daughter Meghan McCain to respond that "no one will ever love" Trump the way they loved her father.

CNN - 2019-03-18 16:33:00

How the politics of racial resentment is killing white people

Why do many working-class white Americans support politicians whose policies are literally killing them?. This is the question sociologist and psychiatrist Jonathan Metzl tries to answer in his new book, Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s Heartland. The bo

VOX - 2019-03-19 12:10:00

Mozambique starts three days of mourning after cyclone kills hundreds

MAPUTO/HARARE (Reuters) - Mozambique started three days of national mourning on Wednesday after powerful cyclone winds and flooding killed hundreds of people and left a massive trail of destruction across swathes of southeast Africa.

REUTERS CANADA - 2019-03-20 07:37:07