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In U.S., pope's summit on sex abuse seen as too little, too late

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the study of his home outside Washington, victims’ advocate Tom Doyle searched a shelf packed with books to find the thick report that led him to stop practicing as a priest and devote himself to helping those who had been sexually abused by clergymen.


Abuse victims demand to see pope, say bishops should be sacked

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Victims of sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy on Wednesday demanded to meet Pope Francis personally to press demands that bishops who covered up such offences be dismissed from the priesthood.


As Pope Holds Sex Abuse Summit, U.S. Catholics Not Hopeful For 'Bold Moves'

Never in the history of the Roman Catholic Church has a pope ordered bishops from around the world to come together and consider how many priests abuse children sexually and how many church officials cover for the abusers. The scandal of clergy sex abuse has deep roots in church history, but church


For Pope Francis, the moment of truth on sexual abuse has arrived

When I got married in 2003 it turned out that my wedding was caught up – unbeknown to me – in the abuse crisis that has engulfed the Catholic church. There were three Benedictine monk-priests there, one as celebrant, two as guests. One of the guests was later tried and acquitted of assaulting a chil


Pope: Even if you resent your dad, you can still have the experience of the Father’s love

When we pray “Our Father who art in heaven,” we aren’t expressing that God is distant or removed from us, Pope Francis explains. Instead, we’re affirming that God’s love is other, well beyond anything that we could experience from even the most loving of fathers on earth.


Pope defrocks ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick after allegations of sexual abuse

Pope defrocks ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick after allegations of sexual abuse. The Vatican announced last Saturday that Pope Francis has expelled Theodore McCarrick, a former cardinal and archbishop of Washington, from the priesthood after the church found him guilty of sexually abusing minors and


Pope Francis calls Catholic church critics ‘friends of the devil’

Pope Francis said that people who constantly criticize the Catholic church are “friends of the devil” — on the eve of the Vatican summit on dealing with the sex abuse of minors.


Pope Francis skips meeting with survivors on eve of Vatican clergy abuse summit

Clergy sexual abuse survivors were left waiting for answers Wednesday as an international mix of Catholic Church leaders gathered in Rome to address the child sexual abuse scandal that has rocked parishes around the world — including Western Pennsylvania.


Pope Francis calls church critics ‘friends of the devil’ as abuse victims demand to meet with him

ROME -- In St. Peter's Square in the Eternal City, it is business as usual with tourists from all parts the world snapping pictures and selfies in one of the most visited places on earth. Unbeknownst to many is the unprecedented gathering about to begin at the Vatican that could affect the Catholic


Pope Michael Declares Emergency to Install Communion Rails

Pope Michael announced Friday that he was declaring a state of emergency to construct communion rails in all Catholic churches across the globe. Bypassing Pope Francis, Michael said he would use executive action “granted to him by God” to siphon money from the Knights of Columbus as well as Peter’s


Padre Pio loved the Church even with its many problems, says pope

Pope Francis today had an audience with faithful from the Italian Archdiocese of Benevento, who came to Rome to mark the anniversary of Francis’ visit in honor of Padre Pio last year.


St. Francis de Sales’s solution for our toxic public discourse

“I tell you, on the day of judgment people will render an account for every careless word they speak. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Mt 12: 36-37)


Pope says church's attackers are linked to devil

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Latest on the Vatican summit on dealing with sex abuse of minors (all times local):. Pope Francis says that those who are constantly attacking the church are linked to the devil.


Pope’s Biographer Questions If Jesus Had Homosexual Tendencies

Writer Austen Ivereigh, founder of the Catholic media organization "Catholic Voices" and biographer of Pope Francis, has openly questioned if Jesus Christ had "homosexual tendencies."


With Sex-Abuse Summit, Pope Francis Signals a ‘Pastoral’ Approach

COMMENTARY: The Feb. 21-24 meeting takes the view that bishops who think as the Pope wishes them to think about their role as shepherds will then do the right thing in tackling sex abuse.


Pope Signs Pact With Muslims Pushing One-World Religion

Pope Francis recently signed a pact with Muslims in a possible push toward a one-world religion and declared that diversity of religions is God’s will. But wait. Doesn’t the Bible warn Christians about unifying with those who worship other gods and have contradictory beliefs?


‘The pope ignored them’: Alleged abuse of deaf children on two continents points to Vatican failings

LUJAN DE CUYO, Argentina — When investigators swept in and raided the religious Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf, they uncovered one of the worst cases yet among the global abuse scandals plaguing the Catholic Church: a place of silent torment where prosecutors say pedophiles preyed on the mos


Theodore McCarrick is defrocked by Pope Francis because of abuse allegations

THEODORE MCCARRICK, a former Catholic prelate who once enjoyed easy access to America’s corridors of power, was formally stripped of the priestly rank this weekend, after a Vatican investigation found him guilty of sexual transgressions involving both adults and minors. He was also found to have sol


Survivors of abuse by Catholic priests are mobbed by the media in the Vatican ahead of Pope Francis' summit on preventing clergy sex assaults

Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy have descended on Rome to protest the Church's response to the crisis ahead of Pope Francis' summit on the issue this week. The organizers of Pope Francis' summit will meet this week with a dozen abuse victims later this week, officials said Monday.


Abuse victims demand to see pope, call for bishops to be fired

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy demanded on Wednesday to meet Pope Francis to press their call for the Church to apply a zero tolerance policy including the dismissal of bishops who covered up such offences.