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Heavily armed foreigners arrested in Haiti sent to United States, officials say

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - A heavily armed group of foreign nationals, who were arrested in Haiti on Sunday after days of massive anti-government protests, were handed over to U.S. authorities on Wednesday, Haitian and U.S. authorities said.


Two ex-Navy SEALs among those arrested in failed security contractor gig in Haiti

Chris Osman and Chris McKinley (formerly known as Chris Heben) were arrested this weekend in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on conspiracy charges. Also arrested in the same group was a former US Marine named Kent Kroeker and several Serbian contractors identified as Bajavic Danilo, Vlad Jankovic and three ot


At least 4 American veterans among group arrested in Haiti with arsenal of weapons and tactical gear

(From left to right) Chris Osman, Chris McKinley, Kent Kroeker, and Talon Burton. At least four American veterans were among a group of eight men arrested by police in Haiti earlier this week for driving without license plates and possessing an arsenal of weaponry and tactical gear.


Violent street protests in Haiti hit tourism industry

- Blacklist - Beside the direct effects of the demonstrations, the United States delivered another crushing blow on February 14 when it urged its citizens not to travel to Haiti, which thus joined a no-go list with war-torn countries like Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.


Americans arrested in Haiti driving around with an arsenal are flown to the U.S.

PORT-AU-PRINCE A group of Americans arrested in Haiti driving around Port-au-Prince with an arsenal of weapons are being flown to the United States after failing to show up for their first court appearance before the Haitian justice system.


Haiti pulls back from the brink

Haiti (MNN) – After more than 10 days of anti-government protests, Haiti seems to have taken a step back from the brink of chaos. There’s an uneasy calm this week, says Bethany Christian Services’ Kristi Gleason. “Things have calmed down enough to allow people to get out of their houses to restock,


Five Americans arrested in Haiti fly back to the U.S.

Five Americans were arrested on Feb. 17, 2019 in Haiti after police found them driving around heavily armed. They were flown back to the United States on Feb. 20, 2019.


Canadian policy on Venezuela, Haiti reveals hypocrisy that media ignores

If the dominant media was serious about holding the Canadian government to account for its foreign policy decisions, there would be numerous stories pointing out the hypocrisy of Ottawa’s response to recent political developments in Haiti and Venezuela.


Why were former members of the U.S. military driving around Haiti heavily armed?

PORT-AU-PRINCE Three are former U.S. military and a fourth once worked as a federal contractor for the U.S. government. But what may have brought them to Haiti and put them together on a Port-au-Prince street remained a mystery Tuesday as Haitian police continued their investigation into the arrest


He impregnated a mentally disabled woman, cops say. He had a one-way ticket to Haiti

A man about to face prosecution on charges of raping a mentally disabled person got handcuffed by U.S. Marshals at Orlando International Airport Monday. Orlando resident Pascal Estime had a one-way ticket to Haiti.


Five Heavily Armed Suspected US Mercenaries Arrested In Haiti Amidst Unrest

A bizarre story has emerged out of the mass anti-government protests and unrest that have engulfed Haiti for nearly two weeks. Five heavily armed Americans have been arrested and are being detained by the Haitian government, according to Haiti's Foreign Minister Bocchit Edmond.


Dozens of Missionaries Forced to Flee Haiti amid Growing Violence

Missionaries are being forced to leave Haiti amid growing violence in the country. According to media reports, there have been riots in the country, calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. CBN News reports that families have had to go into hiding and people are paying money to travel


'Down with America!' Riots Rock Haiti, Five Americans Arrested in the Melee

Riots in the capital of Haiti have continued as the demand for President Jovenel Moise's resignation increases. The country has seen continual violent protests since early February. Hundreds of rioters are protesting the country's growing inflation and government corruption. Moise is accused of seve


Regime Change We Can Believe In: The U.S. Agenda in Venezuela, Haiti, and Egypt

Subscribe to the Intercepted podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Radio Public, and other platforms. New to podcasting? Click here. The Trump administration has set a deadline of February 23 for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to bow down to the U.S. This week on Intercepted: U.S. m


3 US Veterans, Including 2 SEALs, Arrested In Haiti While “Heavily Armed”

Five Americans were arrested at a police checkpoint in Port-au-Prince, Haiti when it was discovered that they were in possession of several illegal firearms. Eight “heavily armed” men were taken into custody, five of which were Americans. Of those five, two are ex-SEALs, one a former Marine, and ano


Heavily-armed Americans claiming to be on ‘government mission’ arrested in Haiti

Five Americans who claimed they were on “a government mission” in Haiti were arrested by local authorities after being found with a stash of automatic rifles and pistols, according to a report.


Briefing: Haiti’s new crisis and the humanitarian risks

The last decade has been cruel to Haiti: one of the world’s deadliest ever earthquakes struck in 2010; cholera, brought in accidentally by UN peacekeepers, then ravaged the country for years afterwards, claiming at least 10,000 lives; and, in October 2016, Hurricane Matthew wiped out 90 percent of b


Haiti’s economic lifeline has taken a hit. Expedia just made it worse.

Haiti’s tourism sector is up in arms over recent travel warnings from the U.S., Canada and France that have led to at least one booking company — Expedia — blacklisting the country’s two international airports and hotels as illegal.


Americans Arrested in Haiti Transporting Weapons Cache Amid Uprising

(MPN) — Even as U.S. President Donald Trump seeks to inspire a military coup against the elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, evidence is mounting that the U.S. government is enabling American mercenaries to violently quell a popular uprising in Haiti.


Following unrest in Haiti, CRS weighs how best to ramp up services

A man holds a weapon next to burning barricades during anti-government protests in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Feb. 17, 2019. (CNS/Ivan Alvarado, Reuters) Washington — Catholic Relief Services operations began returning to normal following more than a week of unrest by Haitians frustrated by government c