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Grovel, grovel! — Trump licks Netanyahu’s boots and declares undying love for ‘aggressive’ Israel

LD: Admire Trump as much as you want, but at least have the honesty to admit that the man is a Zionist stooge who loves Israel, like most American Jews, more than he loves America. Having moved the American embassy to Jerusalem and decided that the Golan Heights, contrary to international law, shoul


Report: Israel Just Used In Combat Its New Rampage Missile. Here Is What It Can Do.

Israel reportedly used in combat for the first time a new kind of fast, long-range missile. According to aviation journalist Babak Taghvaee, on April 13, 2019 Israeli air force warplanes fired, for the first time, at least one Rampage air-launched ballistic missile at a missile factory and weapons w


Ukraine: First country outside Israel with Jewish president, PM

If official exit polls from Ukraine’s presidential elections are to be believed, that country is set to become the only one in the world besides Israel whose president and prime minister are both Jewish.


Today’s Members of Congress cower and acquiesce to AIPAC’s insatiable demands as the organization has refined its efforts with substantial donations and whatever it takes to assure the election of candidates who are, first and foremost, loyal to Israel.

Reviewing AIPAC’s history since its 1963 creation reveals a consistently well-organized campaign of manipulation and evasion of the US election law as one necessary ingredient to its invincible image on Capitol Hill. The American Israel Political Affairs Committee has long claimed it is not a politi


The new state solution: A creative, big idea to jump-start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians

The result of Israel’s election is final. Benjamin Netanyahu is now in the process of forming his governing coalition for what will be his fifth term as prime minister. Also hard at work are Jared Kushner, David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, the three-man U.S. negotiating team charged with the task


UNDOF commander dies unexpectedly in Israel

The head of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights (UNDOF), Maj.-Gen. Francis Vib-Sanziri, died suddenly on Friday at the age of 62. Originally from Ghana, Vib-Sanziri was appointed to lead UNDOF in October 2017 and reportedly died of a heart attack while in Eilat. He i


Hezbollah leader Nasrallah warns Israel may attack Lebanon this summer

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah held a private meeting this week with his top military commanders in which he warned them to prepare for a hot Summer because Israel plans to launch a surprise war against Lebanon. Sayyed Nasrallah has asked his men to share the reality of the situation and t


Israel Strikes Gaza after Hamas Fires at Troops

Palestinians gather as tear gas is fired by Israeli forces during a protest marking Land Day at the Israel-Gaza border fence east of Gaza City March 30, 2019. (Reuters) Israel retaliated to Hamas shots fired at troops on the Israeli side of the Gaza border by launching strikes in the coastal enclave


Israel should advance an international initiative to support Gaza

The political, security, humanitarian and economic crisis in the Gaza Strip has been on the Israeli, regional and international agenda for many years now. However, the disengagement from the Gaza Strip (Summer 2005) and the Hamas takeover (Summer 2007) have created a unique situation that undermines


Israel recently helped Sri Lanka prepare for 'mega-terror attacks'

Sri Lankan emergency teams responding to a string of deadly bombings across the island nation were trained in part by Israel, in a special program to prepare first responders in the Sri Lankan capital to handle a variety of large-scale disasters - including multiple terror attacks.


Death of Free Speech: Criticizing Israel Will Land You in Prison

Soon, this blog will be illegal. No, I’m not selling drugs or peddling child pornography. I write about America’s wars and the primary objective of those illegal and immoral wars—to make Israel the hegemon of the Middle East along with Saudi Arabia. All US foreign policy in that region centers on th


Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Urge President Trump Implement Recognizing Golan Heights as Part of Israel

On Wednesday, Florida’s two U.S. senators–Republican U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott–signed off on a letter to President Donald Trump urging his administration to take several steps to implement his decision recognizing the Golan Heights as part of the state of Israel. Besides Rubio and Scott,


Association of Churches in Israel: Shocked by the Sri Lanka bombings

The Association of Churches in Israel expressed shock following several bombings at the three churches in Sri Lanka. On Sunday morning, during Easter prayers, three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka were attacked in several bombings.At least 138 people have been killed and over 400 injured in t


Rocket launched towards Israel falls in Gaza

The IDF on Saturday identified a rocket launched from Gaza towards Israel. According to the IDF, the rocket fell short of its goal and landed in an open field within Gaza. Israel's Color Red air raid sirens were not sounded, since the rocket exploded before it crossed into Israeli territory.


Israel Mourns with Sri Lanka

Israel is mourning with Sri Lanka after today’s bloody terrorist attacks that left more than a hundred dead and 400 wounded. The explosions happened simultaneously at 3 hotels and three churches. Many of those killed and wounded were Christians who came to celebrate Easter Sunday. No one has claimed


Israel Wants to Deport Me for My Human Rights Work

An Israeli judge asked me in court last month if I would vow not to promote “boycotts,” defined under Israeli law to include calls on companies to stop doing business in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. In light of the human rights impact of those activities, I refused.


Did Israel use the supersonic Rampage to strike Iranian targets in Syria?

Israel’s Air Force reportedly used the supersonic Rampage stand-off air-to-surface missiles for the first time during a strike on Iranian positions in Syria last week, foreign media has reported.


Why did Arab voter turnout for Israel’s election plunge?

During elections on April 9, Arab political parties in Israel narrowly escaped a catastrophic defeat at the polls, as historically low voter turnout threatened to reduce—and possibly even eliminate—their political representation in the Knesset. A late surge in the final hours of voting, which brough


Kushner's Middle East Peace Deal Asks All Sides To Compromise, But Maintains Israel's Security

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, told a group of ambassadors on Wednesday that all sides would have to compromise for his long awaited Middle East plan to work, while also promising that Israel’s security won’t be compromised.


Gazan projectiles fired towards southern Israel - report

Residents in southern Israel have reported hearing sounds of an explosion after a projectile were fired from the northern Gaza Strip into southern Israel on Saturday. The Red Alert incoming rocket siren was not activated and according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit one projectile landed in the Hamas