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Kenya’s Cherono wins men’s Boston Marathon in sprint to tape

BOSTON — Two-time Boston Marathon champion Lelisa Desisa turned onto Boylston Street with a sliver of a lead, leaning in front of two other runners with the finish line in sight.


Fossils found in museum drawer in Kenya belong to gigantic carnivore

Paleontologists at Ohio University have discovered a new species of meat-eating mammal larger than any big cat stalking the world today. Larger than a polar bear, with a skull as large as that of a rhinoceros and enormous piercing canine teeth, this massive carnivore would have been an intimidating


Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl Continues to Impress Fans with Her Baby Babble: ‘Amazing’

Fans have already heard Kenya Moore’s baby girl say “hi,” but now it seems the infant can’t stop, and followers of Brooklyn Doris Daly can’t get enough. Moore, uploaded a video to her 5-month-old’s Instagram account Monday, April 15, as she spoke to her little one. Throughout, Brooklyn recites what


Oserian Development named best renewable energy company in Kenya

With its innovative use of geothermal energy, the use of electric cars, sheep for "mowing" grass etc, Kenya's Oserian Development - a large-scale greenhouse operator - has been named Kenya's Renewable Energy Company of the Year.


Kenya Moore, 48, Looks More Gorgeous Than Ever In Makeup-Free Selfie Showing Off Natural Hair — Pic

Kenya Moore took to Instagram on Apr. 17 to reveal what her natural hair texture looks like in a stunning fresh-faced pic. Kenya Moore, 48, proved she’s just as beautiful without makeup or extra hair products when she posted a new amazing selfie to Instagram on Apr. 17. The new mom shared the smilin


This Ancient 'Warg' Was Scarier Than Tolkien Beast, Terrorized Kenya 22 Million Years Ago

In the "Lord of the Rings" series, author J.R.R. Tolkien invented the fantastical "warg," a wolf-like beast with sharp teeth that lived in the Misty Mountains. Little did Tolkien know that such a creature, perhaps one even more terrifying than a warg, actually existed.


Bomb scare pauses flights for hours at Kenya's main airport

NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenya's flagship airline and officials say a passenger reported a bomb threat that led to flights being grounded at the country's main airport for hours. Kenya Airways said in a statement Wednesday the threat was reported on a flight departing from Jomo Kenyatta International Airpor


Researchers discover ancient giant ‘lion’ in Kenya

Borths was a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Stevens in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Ohio University when the research was conducted, and is now Curator of the Division of Fossil Primates at the Duke Lemur Center at Duke University.


Kenya moves Cuban doctors away from border after abductions

NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenyan officials say Cuban doctors deployed along the border with Somalia are being evacuated following the kidnapping last week of two Cuban doctors. Suspected Islamic extremists kidnapped two Cuban doctors in Mandera County on Friday as they were heading to work, killing one of th


Kenya’s universities need deep reform – not just a hike in fees

Vice-chancellors of Kenya’s 33 public universities are demanding a three-fold tuition fee increase. They point out that the proposed fee increase will merely meet the actual cost of providing university education.


Kenya: Two abducted Cubans pictured alive in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Two Cuban doctors who were kidnapped from Kenya were seen in a forested town of Somalia, six days after their abduction. Dr Assel Herera Correa, a general physician, and Dr Landy Rodriguez, a surgeon, were pictured alive in a forested town of Somalia.


Castro Daughter Blames America After Jihadists Kidnap Cuban Doctors in Kenya

Police in Kenya revealed the arrest Monday of a driver affiliated with the Somali jihadist group al-Shabaab in the case of the abduction of two Cuban slave doctors in a violent ambush on Friday.


Kenya: How city slum youths are making extra cash in urban farming

Today, Nairobi farmers are estimated to contribute about 50,000 bags of maize and 15,000 bags of beans annually — and up to a quarter million chickens, about 45,000 goats and sheep and 42 million litres of milk.


Sleeping with Hippos: Inside The New Sanctuary Olonana in Kenya

It was my first visit to Africa and having a friend organize all of the details for me was a real treat. I normally spend months coordinating my trips but this was for a close friends birthday and he was treating so, of course, I had to join. It was an outrageous and decadent itinerary to be sure, w


Own goal: Kenyan thieves nab guns as police watch Champions League

Nairobi (AFP) – Police in Kenya have been left red-faced after thieves stole guns and ammunition from an unattended checkpost as the officers on duty watched UEFA Champions League matches down the road.


Kenya: National Drought Early Warning Bulletin, April 2019

The dry conditions and high temperatures experienced from January to March have pushed more counties into the Alarm drought stage, from one (1) in February to five (5) in March. 20 ASAL counties are reporting a worsening trend and only three (3) indicate a stable trend. Counties in the Alarm drought


Romeo and Juliet are reborn in Kenya in the vibrant lesbian romance

From its opening frames, Rafiki is bursting with life. Introduced riding her skateboard through the streets of Nairobi, Kena (Samantha Mugatsia) observes the sensual delights that surround her. Bright red peppers being chopped into juicy bits at a food stall. Cassava root being peeled and pounded in


Highlights of Kenya

Vern Pottinger of Rice Lake showed souvenirs and shared highlights of his trip to Kenya at a special program in March for Daybreak, a respite group in which his wife Judy volunteers. He has been to both Uganda and Kenya and hopes to go back this fall.


Kenya: 8,000 Kerio Valley growers secure a mango market

At least 8,000 farmers in Kenya’s Kerio Valley now have a ready market for their mangoes; a development that is expected to reduce losses. Kenya Fruits Solution, a Thika-based fruit marketing firm, announced plans to buy 10,000 tonnes of dried apple mangoes from the farmers every harvesting season.


10 Must-Go Places in Kenya

From beautiful mountains, alluring beaches and the world’s most breathtaking national parks to hospitable people and interesting cultures, Kenya is a hotbed of magical travel experiences. There are lots of fun activities that you can engage in while in the country. Although there are very many aweso