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Kosovo brings back fighters, families of jihadists from Syria

PRISTINA (Reuters) - Kosovo brought back 110 of its citizens from Syria on Saturday including jihadists who had gone to fight in the country’s civil war and 74 children, the government said.


Dozens of Regime Forces Killed in ISIS Attacks in Syria

Syrian regime forces stand near their weapons during their offensive to recapture the historic city of Palmyra in 2016. (Reuters) Dozens of regime troops and allied militiamen have been killed in two days of attacks by the ISIS group in various Syrian desert regions, said the Syrian Observatory for


56 immigrants from Pakistan and Syria were arrested in Macedonia

Macedonian police arrested a 56-strong commercial van on a highway in the north of the country, according to a report published by Reuters. Two Macedonian citizens were arrested on suspicion of smuggling the refugees, citizens of Pakistan and Syria. The refugees were transferred to a transit camp ne


Syria’s Assad discusses energy cooperation with Russia’s deputy PM

DAMASCUS, April 20 (Xinhua) — Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday discussed with the visiting Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov the cooperation between both countries including the energy sector, according to the state news agency SANA.


Israeli Reports: Cohen’s Remains are in Cave Near Syria’s Qardaha

The remains of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who was executed in Damascus in 1965, were buried in a mountain cave near the city of Qardaha in the Latakia province, the birthplace of head of the Syrian regime Bashar Assad, reported the Israeli Maariv daily Friday.


Middle East’s Game of Thrones: Iran, Saudi, Turkey, Syria come together for Baghdad Summit

A summit in Iraq brought some of the Middle East’s regional power brokers to the same table in Baghdad on Saturday. Saudi Arabia and Iran were joined by Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey in the Iraqi capital for talks on rebuilding Iraq and combating extremism.


Kosovo repatriates 110 citizens from Syria

Pristina (AFP) - Kosovo on Saturday repatriated 110 of its citizens from Syria, mostly mothers with their children having followed their partners who went to join jihadist groups in the war-torn country.


Macron Meets Syria Kurds, Vows Support in Fight Against ISIS

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which includes Kurdish female fighters, flushed out IS from their last bastion in Syria in late March | AFP. President Emmanuel Macron on Friday hosted representatives of the Kurdish-led force that defeated ISIS extremists in Syria, assuring them of France's s


Russia Denies Recovering Remains of Spy Eli Cohen From Syria

On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry strongly rejected Israeli media reports that claim Russian officials transported the remains of the legendary Israeli spy, Eli Cohen, out of Syria, where he was executed more than five decades ago.


More than 2,000 suspected foreign ISIS fighters held in Syria

(CNN) - The number of suspected foreign ISIS fighters being detained by US-backed forces in Syria has now surpassed 2,000, with a small number claiming to be US citizens, three US officials told CNN.


Russian Presidential Envoy Discusses 'Astana' in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Assad receives Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov in the capital, Damascus, on Saturday. (AFP) Russia’s Foreign Ministry has set priorities of discussions on the agenda of the Astana negotiations scheduled for April 25-26. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received Fri


Jihadist kills almost 50 regime fighters across Syria

Jihadists have killed almost 50 Syrian regime fighters in 48 hours, a monitor said Saturday, in some of the deadliest attacks on pro-Damascus forces in recent weeks. Kurdish-led forces in March announced the defeat of the Islamic State group's "caliphate" in eastern Syria, but the jihadists have ret


Former ISIS Commanders Rehabilitated as Traffic Cops in Syria Under US Watch

(MPN) — Locals of Ein Issa, a Syrian town just north of the city of Raqqa are reportedly fed up with former ISIS members and commanders who have been rehabilitated by U.S. proxy forces as traffic cops.


UN Urges Solving Crisis of 2500 Foreign Children in Syria

A child in al-Hol camp northeast of Syria, where ISIS families live along with civilians who fled the battles (AFP) A senior United Nations relief official called on governments on Thursday to help resolve the fate of 2,500 foreign children being held among 75,000 people at al-Hol camp in northeaste


Pope urges Libya peace, return of refugees to Syria

Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis on Sunday urged world leaders to try again to bring peace to Libya and in Syria where millions of refugees and people displaced by conflict should be helped to return home.


Open for business: Syria renting port of Tartus to Russia for 49 years

Moscow and Damascus are set to sign a deal on renting the sea port of Tartus to Russia for trade purposes, deputy prime minister Yury Borisov announced after talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad.


Can Iraq Bring Iran and Saudi Arabia Together? Rivals to Meet, Along with Syria and Other Neighbors

Iraq was set to host a historic meeting involving all of its neighbors, including representatives from top Middle Eastern foes Iran and Saudi Arabia, who have not had formal ties for years.


Syria, A Storm is Coming

War is coming in Syria. The decision has been made, the targets are outlined. Syria has had enough. The fake color revolution has done more than fail, it has united Syrians in rage, their homes destroyed, their factories looted, their heritage peddled in auction houses in London and New York and now


Militants shell part of Syria's Aleppo — Russian reconciliation center

MOSCOW, April 18. /TASS/. Militants have shelled the north-western part of Syria's Aleppo over the last 24 hours, head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the conflicting sides Viktor Kupchishin told reporters on Thursday.


I’m a White Helmets Volunteer Saving Lives in Syria With the Syria Civil Defense and the World Must Join Me

For the past two years, I have been a member of the White Helmets, Syria’s search-and-rescue organization that saves civilians from the frequent bombings that plague the country, dragging them out from under the rubble and away to get medical treatment. In my years as a volunteer, I have seen terrib