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As Maduro holds on, Venezuela opposition eyes negotiated transition

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela’s opposition is trying to convince ruling Socialist Party officials to join a transition government, shifting focus as it seeks to unseat President Nicolas Maduro, who has clung to power in the face of growing international pressure and U.S. sanctions.


Billionaire Branson hopes aid concert opens Venezuela's borders

(Reuters) - Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson on Wednesday said he hopes a concert in Colombia aimed at raising money for crisis-wracked Venezuela will encourage the country’s soldiers to defy orders from President Nicolas Maduro and let humanitarian aid cross the border.


5 things to know for February 20: Trump, Venezuela, WVa teachers, Dems 2020, climate

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Venezuela gets fuel from Russia, Europe but the bill soars

MEXICO CITY/MOSCOW/LONDON (Reuters) - Venezuela is paying heavy premiums for fuel imports from Russia and Europe, with fewer than a dozen sellers seeing the risk as worth the reward after flows from the United States dried up because of sanctions, trading sources said and data showed.


Roger Waters says there’s no dictatorship in Venezuela

This clip is a couple days old already but I didn’t see it until last night. This is Roger Waters of Pink Floyd demanding that everyone leave Venezuela alone. He says it’s okay to do that because things are apparently going fine down there. Here’s the clip. It’s not long but you’ll want to at least


Is Venezuela On The Verge Of Becoming Another Syria?

Establishment elites have always had a predilection for regime change. Obviously, this strategy helps weed out nation states that might be uncooperative with their future plans for a fully centralized global economic and political order. We have also seen regime change occur when former puppet leade


Venezuela closes maritime border with neighbor amidst growing aid crisis

Venezuela has shut a key maritime border and grounded flights as the opposition party seeks to import foreign aid to the crisis-hit South American country. A government representative confirmed Venezuela has closed its maritime border with Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire and, in the Western state of Fal


Venezuela – US Attack Imminent?

— Coming back to Venezuela – the Buffoon calls for outright war against the Maduro regime – and to salvage the Venezuelan people, he sent US$ 20 million worth of “humanitarian aid” to Cucutá, border town in Colombia, which, of course, the Bolivarian army does not let enter Venezuela. There is no nee


Trump's feuding with Venezuela, and he may be about to ramp things up with another longtime US foe

Amid simmering tensions with Venezuela, President Donald Trump may be about to come down hard on Cuba. A decades-old law would allow exiled Cubans to sue over property that was seized in the country's 1959 revolution.


Venezuela’s deputy UN military attache backs Guaido

Venezuela’s deputy UN military attache, Col. Pedro Chirinos, said in a video on social media that he recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president, increasing pressure on President Nicolas Maduro.


Venezuela leader Guaido gives military 3 days to switch sides

Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Venezuelan National Assembly leader Juan Guaido on Wednesday gave the country's armed forces a three-day ultimatum to stop supporting President Nicolas Maduro before humanitarian aid arrives.


Letters: Laura Miller, Dallas City Council, Venezuela, National Emergency

Re:"Miller will run against Gates — Former mayor to face 3-term incumbent in race for District 13," Saturday news story. When Laura Miller was mayor, I attended a meeting about her plan for the Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay. I heard an audience member say, "I feel like I live in a different nei


A Bridge Too Far: Trump Overreaches in Venezuela

Trump’s bid for regime change in Venezuela is starting to look like a fatal overreach. With the South American country’s military remaining firmly loyal to President Maduro, embarrassing questions loom over US’ dubious game plan.


Venezuela Closes Border to 3 Caribbean Islands Ahead of Aid Showdown

MEDELLÍN, Colombia — Venezuela’s government said on Wednesday that it was closing its border to air and sea traffic from three Caribbean islands in an effort to block aid shipments to the country organized by the Venezuelan opposition.


Venezuela Isn’t Just a Failed State. It’s a Failure of the Left.

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- As Venezuela careens toward a further economic and political collapse, the blame game is heating up. In the U.S., Republicans are labeling the country “socialist,” using Venezuelan problems as a weapon against more left-leaning Democrats. Commentators on the left, in contrast,


Lawmakers say Trump’s not doing enough for Venezuela

Democratic congressional lawmakers have all-but put President Trump on a clock of sorts, pressing him to do more about the crisis in Venezuela than he already has. Trump has done what former President Obama wouldn’t or couldn’t do, and that is to just about completely cripple the Maduro regime with


Cuba denies military in Venezuela, charges U.S. readies intervention

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba denied on Tuesday it has security forces in Venezuela and charged the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign of lies paving the way for military intervention in the South American country.


VIDEO: A Visit to Mysterious US Air Firm Accused of Arming Right-Wing Insurgency in Venezuela

Jeb Sprague entered the offices of 21Air, a shadowy air cargo company accused of ferrying arms to Venezuela, and demanded answers about its role in the US-led coup. Venezuelan authorities discovered a secret cache of weapons and equipment on February 3 on board a Boeing 767. The shipment included 19


Trump is exploiting the Venezuela crisis in order to win the 2020 presidential election

President Donald Trump seems to care deeply about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela — but it might not necessarily be for the reasons you’d think. His focus on Venezuela today is little more than a ploy to help his chances against Democratic challengers in the 2020 presidential election.


Refugees Fleeing Venezuela Face Desperate Hike to 12,000 Feet

PAMPLONA, Colombia — The walking began before dawn: Before the clouds broke against the mountaintops, before the trucks took over the highway, even before anyone in the town woke up to check the vacant lot where scores of Venezuelan refugees had been huddling through the night.